What We Blog and Why


I thought a lot about what this blog would be. Finally, I realized I just want to talk about things I care about as a woman. Things that hopefully matter to you too. Of course, there'll also be lots of entries about yoni egg and massage wand use.

We may get real personal, or real trivial.. maybe even thoughtful. Most of all, we’re gonna get downright real.. especially about what it means to be a girl, a woman and what lies in-between. I’ll talk about the things that make us smile, laugh, ugly-cry, hate, and love fiercely. In getting real, I hope this blog serves as

a peephole into interesting perspectives

a tin can telephone between us

an espresso shot to fire up your neurons

a soft and warm snuggie to rest your heart and mind

a good suggestion from a friend

 And if by some chance, this blog holds a mirror up to you and shows you long-held illusions to pop like pimples and stray ideas to tweeze out of your brow, then that to me would be the greatest gift.


Much love,



Mirror, Mirror - reflections on culture, girlhood, and womanhood

Just the Tip - tips and eduction on yoni eggs and wands

Girl Crush - awesome women doing awesome things


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